“… an eclectic, sophisticated mix for listeners in preschool and up, especially fun for lower-elementary schoolchildren and their parents. “Gingerbread Girl” is a good case in point…a sassy doo-wop beat and featuring impressive vocal improvisations and body percussion.”See The Gingerbread Girl on youtube!

“Thank you so much for supporting our summer reading program…It’s always a hit when a real musician visits and a double treat when he’s a teacher. Our families are still raving about your show. I have observed some of the children practicing the sign language you taught them.”
— Bucks County Free Library, Bensalem Branch

Like A Star

“Like A Star” really is wonderful! I usually don’t find so many songs on one CD that I’d like to present to our readers, but this one really is a gem.”

– Ruth Harris, \October 11, 2005


Terrific music for the whole family, August 28, 2002
This is a wonderful CD for the whole family. The songs are touching, funny, imaginative, and singable. Parents as well as kids enjoy his music and his warm voice. All three of his CD’s are terrific (the song “Telephone Twist” is probably my all time favorite while my husband’s is “Because I Said So” both on earlier CD’s) but I think this CD is his best collection of songs as it includes spiritual songs as well as funny tunes. Don’t miss it.

Pure Inspiration-And Fun!, February 14, 2002
These days I can’t seem to find any music that I can listen to with my children, that we can both appreciate and have fun with on those long drives or relaxing weekends. Jim Rule brings that opportunity to me and my family with his inspiring album Like a Star. We have great fun with songs like Down by the Riverside Bay, and I myself feel truly inspired by songs like Serve The Lord With Joy. Like a Star has something for the entire family, and puts us in a great mood, because of the pure goodness and hope the album emits. My advise to you, start listening heavily.

Like a Star really shines, August 23, 2001
This is a CD even Mom and Dad will love to listen to. We have it playing in our car a lot. Our family has had some great discussions about manners that came out of listening to I’m Sorry, Be the Kind of Person,and Gratitude is an Attitude. We have also incorporated Sing a Goodnight Song into our bedtime routine. We also love the just for fun songs like Song about a Dinosaur and Down by the Riverside Bay. It is a definite must have!!!

Music for the Entire Family, August 20, 2001
“Like a Star” really shines with talent. The compilation of songs has something for everyone in the family. The music is contagious! You find yourself singing the songs even when the CD is not on! Children especially love “Song About a Dinosaur”, “Down by the Riverside Bay” and “He Opens a Window”. I loved the warmth of “On a Hot, Hot Day” and as a family we appreciate the values instilled in the music of kindness, respect and gratitude. I also appreciate the multi-cultural aspect of “Count to Ten” exposing children to different languages. A sure winner…can’t wait for the next CD!

The album, Like A Star, is dedicated with love to the memory of my late father, Casey Rule
(December 29, 1921 – March 10, 1998).
Thanks, Dad! Your light continues on and on.
In all the world around us
are many different ways
To celebrate God’s wonders
and offer thanks and praise.
In many different languages,
in many different lands
Some celebrate in silence.
Some sing and clap their hands.
But one true thing is certain.
To light the way divine
All God’s children have a light to shine.
You shine yours. I’ll shine mine.
jr 12/29/98 (Dad’s birthday)

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Let It Shine

” … an eclectic, sophisticated mix for listeners in preschool and up, especially fun for lower-elementary schoolchildren and their parents.”

 – Corinne Flocken, Los Angeles Times. July 18, 1996. 1996 Parents’ Choice Honors


Dr. Julie M. Mayo, Pediatrician and Medical Director, Children Special Health Services of South Dakota – “Jim Rule’s talent overflows. His inspiring music and lyrics makes his songs a pleasure to listen to. I play his music in my office and unanimously, parents, children, as well as us care providers, feel the positive effects.”

Dave Kinnoin, Song Wizard Records, acclaimed songwriter for Disney and Muppets – “…has the tunefulness and heart SHARE THIS WORLD has; even more!…What you have to teach is important for all kids and adults to learn, so I hope your light shines all over the world.”

Lynn Orman, Kidsource Entertainment Marketing – Public Relations, National Association of Recording Arts & Sciences Governor, and Grammy Correspondent – ” … it has been so much fun playing in the car that my kids won’t let me turn it off!

Corinne Flocken, Los Angeles Times, OC Live, July 18, 1996 – “…an eclectic, sophisticated mix for listeners in preschool and up… ‘Gingerbread Girl’ is a good case in point…a sassy doo-wop beat and featuring impressive vocal improvisations and body percussion.

Steve Morse, The Boston Globe, 1996 Parents’ Choice Honor Review – Proud Father Jim Rule is a musical jack of all trades — a comedian to boot….and he adroitly sings two songs in Spanish.

Lynne Heffley, LA Times Calendar Holiday Gift Guide, December 8, 1996 – “Inventive, adept, and parent-savvy, Jim Rule turns the ups and downs of childhood into musical delights.”

Deborah Moore, Tribune syndicated columnist/Music and Moore October 21, 1996– “Even though this is a children’s album, parents will relate to “Telephone Twist”, “Insanity Is Hereditary” and “Because I Said So!” – Jim Rule originals with adults in mind….Rule’s vocals are exceptionally good and the production is simple, but well done.

John Wood, LA Parent Magazine, January, 1997 – “…filled with upbeat, feel-good tunes that defy you to sit on you chair…well crafted and fun…Jim’s original lyrics contain wise observations. The final song is truly inspired. He dovetails the album title cut with the traditional Pachelbel theme and it works bigtime. Keep up the good work, Jim. Look forward to number three.”

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Share This World

” … will carve its own niche in the world of children’s music… Add this one to your collection.”

 – Rob Reid, School Library Journal. August, 1995 1994 Parents’ Choice Award 1995 National Parenting Publications Award


Art Linkletter -“I certainly admire your mission…well done.”

Dr. Laura Schlessinger – “Your songs are very well written and show the depth of your insight. Please, continue to inspire with them.”

Rob Reid, School Library Journal, July 1995– “…will carve its own niche in the world of children’s music… Add this one to your collection.”

Irene Bland, renowned music educator – “It is captivating, charming, wholesome and full of caring for family and for all of the diverse peoples of this world. Your songs and your ability to present them are in the tradition of Woody Guthrie, Malvina Reynolds and Sam Hinton.”

Lynne Heffley, Los Angeles Times, 1994 Parents’ Choice Award Review – “…avoids the pitfalls of feel-good music; no cloying, calculated lyrics or banal tunes here. A lively imagination is at work, along with confident, varied instrumentals, strong vocals, and some appealing child singers… an album to make the whole family smile.”

Susan Stewart, Detroit Free Press, Radio AAHS Magazine, August 1995 -“This is a strong collection, thanks to the sturdy melodies and clever lyrics of songwriter Jim Rule. Rule can sing, too!”

Nancy Maes, Chicago Tribune Review, January 11, 1996 – “…Singer-songwriter Jim Rule …has all his senses intact…(and) a great sense of rhythm as he demonstrates in a lively musical version of “The Golden Rule”, a clever sense of humor that he reveals in a song called “Underwear” and a sense of the importance of caring and sharing found in “Roots and Wings” and in the title song.

Diana Huss Green, president of Parents’ Choice Foundation – “When it’s there, it’s there, When you find something like this, you really feel like you’ve discovered a gem.”

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Too Much Fun! Demasiada diversión

My music in English and Spanish inspired by my Kindergarten classroom

TOO MUCH FUN! Demasiada diversión #1

“… he’s particularly good at singing with children … without overpowering their voices. My personal favorites are the songs that include a verse in Spanish and one in English – the words are enunciated so clearly that native speakers of either language will begin to understand the other language.”

-Cindy O’Dell, Irvine World News, January 2, 1997


Mr. Rule holds a B.A. in Music, M.A. in Education, and a bilingual credential. Having learned Spanish in school, he is equally proud to help others learn English and other important things while having TOO MUCH FUN! That’s the name of his all new album of 11 songs, performed in Spanish and then in English, 22 cuts in all! It includes songs to start a good morning, days of the week, months of the year, counting, rhyming, movement, vocabulary, manners, and the traditional Spanish birthday song with a new English version for all to sing and enjoy. Lyrics, translations, and instructions included. 22 songs; 42 minutes

TOO MUCH FUN, TOO! Demasiada diversión #2

The companion album is here! 12 Spanish versions, each followed by an English version, 22 cuts in all! More great songs for starting and ending the day, doing the calendar, counting, adding, subtracting, letter sounds, vocabulary, movement, manners, and a story/song about a monkey who learns to appreciate his own unique qualities that everyone will love! Lyrics, translations, and instructions included. 22 songs; 47 minute

These two bilingual albums are available exclusively from Educational Activities, Inc. To order, visit the Product Page.

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Too Much Fun All in One!

TOO MUCH FUN ALL IN ONE! All the English versions from Too Much Fun and Too Much Fun, Too!, three new songs, and twelve bonus performance tracks of music, plus loads of sheet music of songs from all of my albums, and a complete instruction booklet with English and Spanish lyrics and translations included in .pdf on this enhanced CD.

“I’m especially excited about “Too Much Fun All In One!” The bilingual content and the inclusion of sheet music will make it a real hit with teachers. I can’t tell you how many requests I get for sheet music and for instrumental tracks. And the music is fabulous! You did a great job with the classics, as well as with your original music. Even the songs in the public domain will help to sell this CD since your interpretations are so much fun! This CD in particular is worth a lot …”

– Ruth Harris, October 12, 2005

“Learning is “funner” with “Too Much Fun All In One!” Teachers, revive your high spirits throughout the day with finger plays and action songs that teach class routines, social skills, calendar concepts, phonics and more. Jim Rule makes it easy to laugh as you listen to clearly enunciated lyrics and sing along.
Parents, share musical moments, rhyming words and silly giggles with little ones as you get a dose of Jim Rule before bedtime or story time or any time. My personal favorite is “People Say That Monkeys..” Play the monkey song and dance a little salsa as you guess the words that rhyme with articles of clothing.

– Diane Baker P.E. Instructor Orange County, CA, August 25, 2005

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Jim Rule live and in concert…

“… his experience as a teacher, father and performer has served him well. His manner is natural and friendly, funny enough to be engaging to children but never excessively smarmy or silly. Backed by recorded instruments and accompanying himself on guitar, he delivered his upbeat songs with a genuine warmth and humor, his ballads and lullabies with tenderness. Rule is also cool. His audience participation “Three Little Pigs Rap” is delivered in fine bad-boy style.”

Rev. James Hale, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church – “His interaction with children and adults alike was remarkable. Jim adds one more dimension to his program that I have never seen. He includes his own children in his performance. It is a genuine, loving touch that warms the hearts of the whole audience”

Tom Chiaromonte, Orange County Association for the Education of Young Children –“…thank you for your wonderful performance at our annual conference. Our members were extremely excited about your work and have asked to have you come back in the future.”

Craig Taubman, star of CRAIG ‘N CO. – “I truly enjoyed your shows. You have a wonderful sensibility and talent to relate to kids and parents alike.”

Delores Wardell – Chair, Orange County Comittee, United Nations 1994 International Year of the Family – “What better way to celebrate the family! Jim’s music was the highlight of the event.”

Patti Green, Child Development Department, Fullerton College – “Thank you for sharing your time with us at our Fall Conference. Your music brings people together, touches their emotions, and makes a huge difference.”

Trish Kasey, editor of “The Mommy Times” – “His songs are energetic, original and absolutely fun for you and for your kids. …You will not be disappointed! Move over, Barney. Jim Rules!”

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