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Share This World

” … will carve its own niche in the world of children’s music… Add this one to your collection.”
Rob Reid, School Library Journal. August, 1995
1994 Parents’ Choice Gold Award
1995 National Parenting Publications AwardJim Rule celebrates respect, responsibility, family, and friendship in his acclaimed debut. Includes Roots and Wings, Three Little Pigs Rap, A Family Is What You Make It, The Golden Rule, Underwear, and an original English/Spanish version of De Colores. His lyrical voice and warm sense of humor will make the whole family smile and sing. Lyrics included. 12 songs; 36 minutesFor More Information, song samples, or to purchase – CLICK HERE

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Let It Shine

” … an eclectic, sophisticated mix for listeners in preschool and up, especially fun for lower-elementary schoolchildren and their parents.’Gingerbread Girl’ is a good case in point…a sassy doo-wop beat and featuring impressive vocal improvisations and body percussion.”
Corinne Flocken, Los Angeles Times.
July 18, 1996.
1996 Parents’ Choice HonorsMr. Rule offers more songs for children and adults to enjoy together. Includes The Gingerbread Girl, Because I Said So! (with Casey, Tim, and Emma Rule), The Telephone Twist, Touch The Future, Sí, Se Puede/You Can Do It! and a bilingual version of the well known poem La Sombra/My Shadow, sure to become a favorite with families everywhere. Lyrics included. 12 songs; 36 minutesFor More Information, song samples, or to purchase-CLICK HERE

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Like A Star

Fourteen songs celebrating family, friends, faith, and fun! Another diverse collection ranging from powerful songs of inspiration to toe tapping tunes and general funny business for children and parents of all ages. Includes I’m Sorry, Be The Kind Of Person, Gratitude Is An Attitude, Count To 10, Serve The Lord With Joy, Song About A Dinosaur, and Down by the Riverside Bay – a rollicking collision of two old favorites sung together as never before. Lyrics included. 14 songs; 40 minutesFor More Information, song samples, or to purchase-CLICK HERE

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Too Much Fun! / Demasiada Diversión

Jim Rule makes sure everyone has Too Much Fun in both languages – first a version in Spanish followed by the same song in English.For More Information or to purchase- CLICK HERE

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Too Much Fun, Too! / Demasiada Diversión #2

More great songs for starting and ending the day, learning the calender, counting, adding, subtracting.For More Information or to purchase – CLICK HERE

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Too Much Fun All In One!


For More Information, song samples, or to purchase-CLICK HERE

Songs for the classroom, car seat, campsite, or conga line!Jim Rule is a master of rhythm, rhyme and repetition–the most effective methods of reaching and teaching young children. His approach fits any basic skills, balanced reading, ELL, or transition class. Mr. Rule has crafted songs that stand on their own in English to be used with any and all ELL students.

By popular demand, this album includes the English versions from Too Much Fun and Too Much Fun, Too!, three new songs, and twelve bonus performance tracks of music only that can be used as you wish complete this extensive Early Childhood Program. Lyrics, instructions, credits, PLUS lead sheets for songs from ALL of Mr. Rule’s albums are in PDF files on the CD. Whether you are already a Jim Rule fan or soon to become one, this 29 page booklet AND bonus songbook really make this album a “must have” item.

You and your class will thoroughly enjoy Rule’s happy, lyrical approach to literacy lessons. In this standards based and curriculum driven collection he teaches classroom manners, vocabulary, simple math skills, the calendar, days of the week, months of the year, letter sounds and much, much more!.. An inspiring patriotic song, STAND FOR CHILDREN, leads the way to TOO MUCH FUN ALL IN ONE!. ——–

01. Stand For Children / U.S. Stands For Us 2:26
02. Let’s Say “Good Morning!”(Mi escuelita) 1:43
03. I Raise My Hand (La Bamba) 2:03
04. Seven Days in Every Week 1:12
05. Today Is Monday (traditional) 1:58
06. The Small Boat (El barquito) 2:11
07. The January February “March” 1:20
08. Up to thirty-one 1:44
09. One Elephant (Un elefante) 1:48
10. Way Up High (trad. poem) 1:48
11. Ten in the Bed (trad.) 2:37
12. Ten Puppies (Diez perritos) 3:11
13. Do You Know The Sounds? 2:12
14. It’s Raining! (¡Qué llueva!) 0:58
15. Pimpon (Pimpon) 2:19
16. The More We Get Together (trad.) 0:57
17. The Little Green Frog (trad.) 1;03
18. Happy Birthday (Las mañanitas) 1:25
19. My Aunt Came Back (trad.) 1:11
20. People Say That Monkeys
(Dicen que los changos) 2:40
21. Banana Bongo 4:57
22. Tommy Thumb (trad.) 2:25
23. Good-bye/Vive la Compagnie (trad.) 1:16
24. Tick Tock 3:04
25. 2 + 2 (Dos y dos) 1:46
26. That’s All There Is 0:19
27. Let’s Say, “Good Morning!”
28. I Raise My Hand (Yo ya)
29. Seven Days in Every Week
30. Today is Monday
31. The Small Boat (El barquito)
32. January February March
33. One Elephant (Un elefante)
34. Ten Puppies (Diez perritos)
35. Do You Know the Sounds?
36. It’s Raining (¡Qué llueva!)
37. Pimpon (Pimpon)
38. Happy Birthday (Las mañanitas)

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